Special Offers

MAS PRAS – Makan Siang Prasmanan

Lunch became one of the me-time for the workers. Often before lunchtime workers and employees plan what menu will be eaten later? Where’s the place for lunch to go? And who is participating? Sometimes also have to turn the brain to determine what the menu variants want to eat because the usual place to buy lunch menu that’s all. For those who experience that, MAS PRAS comes to be the answer for all of you.

MAS PRAS, Grand Artos Hotel & Convention Magelang buffet lunch. MAS PRAS will give you the sensation of lunch hotel-style star with a dish that diverse into your choice, provided 50 items of food that can be enjoyed as much and as satisfied with the very affordable price, which is Rp.50.000, – per person.

Not only offers a variety of food menu and various types, drinks also provided several choices and side dish which is also much choice to pamper you enjoy a cheap lunch and delicious. In addition to satiated and cheap eating bias, MAS PRAS at Pandan Coffee shop also offers a convenience lunch for you. Located at Pandan Coffeeshop located on the 1st floor of Grand Artos Hotel & Convention, MAS PRAS gives you a beautiful view of the tidar hill that looks clear and the soothing pool makes your mood more positive and ready to battle with your work at the office all day.

MAS PRAS that provide low price and make full stomach will accompany our lunch all starting Monday, April 23, 2018, every working day Monday to Friday starting at 11:00 to 14:00 pm.

Who wants to come the group, afraid to run out of places or just dig information, no need to hesitate or embarrassed, can directly contact Grand Artos Hotel & Convention Magelang (0293) 321 8888 or can directly follow official Instagram @grandartoshotel.

MALABAR – Malam Malam Barbecue

Want to spend a memorable Sunday night? Limaran Sky Lounge to be the right place to spend the night with friends, friends, family, and relatives. Limaran Sky Lounge located at Grand Artos Hotel & Contention 9th floor offers barbecue package. MALABAR (night barbecue) is served to the general public of Magelang and also the guests of Grand Artos Hotel & Convention in particular. Through MALABAR, Grand Artos wants to provide a luxurious and elegant dish packed with cozy feel from the roof top of Grand Artos Hotel & Convention but still at an affordable price. Only Rp. 1, – for second buyer by paying Rp 150.000 net / pax for first buyer (not multiplier) and Rp. 90.000, – net / person for those who come alone, you can enjoy all the dishes in MALABAR as much as possible with the main menu choices of seafood barbecues, beef, chicken and appetizer menu that is not less delicious. Not only enjoy the available dishes, the visitors can also cook the menu provided directly accompanied by Executive chef Grand Artos Hotel & Convention. Surely it will add an extraordinarily pleasant impression to guests who love to cook. To sweeten your Sunday night, MALABAR in Limaran also presents thematic live performance every week. You can enjoy this promo starting at 6 pm every Saturday just at Limaran Sky Lounge.

In addition to MALABAR, at Limaran Sky Lounge Grand Artos Hotel & Convention 9th floor you can also enjoy the food and beverage menu mainstay of this four star hotel without spending in, and for those of you who like to sing or karaoke, Limaran Sky Lounge provides karaoke facilities for all visitors without exception. The place that has incredible views of the tallest building which is the tallest building in Magelang gives you a tranquil feel and makes your weekend memorable.

For more information, please contact (0293) 3218888 or follow our Instagram official @grandartoshotel. Immediately order and make your weekend and loved ones special.