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  • Semarak Tahun Baru Bersama Artis Nasional

    Fryday, 30 December 2016

    Menyambut datangnya Tahun Baru tahun ini, Grand Artos Hotel & Convention Magelang yang berlokasi di Jalan Mayjen Bambang Sugeng no. 1 telah menyiapkan sederet penawaran spesial. Grand Artos Hotel & Convention Magelang mempersembahkan paket menarik yang dapat dinikmati bersama keluarga atau orang terdekat. Hanya dengan harga Rp 1.500.000,-nett sudah termasuk menginap di kamar Superior, lengkap dengan sarapan dan New Year’s Eve Dinner All You Can Eat  untuk 2 orang. Selain itu dengan mengambil paket ini Anda sudah mendapatkan tiket masuk pesta perayaan akhir tahun “Firework Party” untuk 2 orang. Promo ini hanya berlaku di tanggal 31 Desember 2016. Akan hadir special performance “Stand Up Comedy” dari artis nasional, Kelik Pelipurlara dan Endah Saraswati yang akan menemani New Year’s Eve Dinner dan Firework Party. Menu New Year’s Eve Dinner All You Can Eat yang ditawarkan lengkap dari hidangan pembuka, sup, stall, hidangan utama dan hidangan penutup dengan menu khas Tahun Baru. Dinner ini dapat dinikmati sepuasnya di tanggal 31 Desember 2016 mulai jam 18.00-22.00 WIB di Pandan Coffee Shop Lantai 1 Grand Artos Hotel & Convention Magelang. Sembari menikmati New Year’s Eve Dinner, Anda dapat menyaksikan Fashion Show & Lelang Busana persembahan dari Purnama (Persatuan Perancang dan Sanggar Busana Magelang) yang terdiri dari designer-designer ternama di Magelang. Menanti pergantian tahun menuju tahun 2017, Grand Artos Hotel mempersembahkan “Firework Party” yang akan diselenggarakan di Limaran Sporty Bar, lounge tertinggi di Magelang, Grand Artos Hotel & Convention Lantai 9. Pesta perayaan Tahun Baru dijamin seru dan spektakuler dengan Parade DJ persembahan dari United Mash Up Management, serta hiburan dan doorprize yang menarik.   Harga paket New Year’s eve dinner di luar paket menginap yaitu hanya Rp. 150.000,-nett/orang, demikian juga untuk harga Firework Party bisa didapatkan dengan harga Rp. 150.000,-nett/orang. Spesial bagi Anda yang mengambil paket New Year’s eve dinner sekaligus Firework Party bisa di dapatkan hanya dengan harga Rp. 250.000,-nett/orang. Dapatkan pengalaman berbeda dalam semarak pergantian Tahun Baru. Nikmati juga brunch pertama Anda di tahun 2017 bersama Grand Artos Hotel & Convention.  Hanya dengan Rp. 100.000,-nett/pax, Anda dapat menikmati menu spesial chef kami. Brunch dapat anda nikmati di tanggal 1 Januari 2017 pukul 11.00-15.00 di Pandan Coffee Shop Lantai 1 Grand Artos Hotel & Convention Magelang. Untuk informasi dan reservasi, silakan menghubungi telepon di (0293) 3218888 atau email di Follow juga akun sosial media di Twitter @GrandArtos_Mgl, Instagram @grandartoshotel dan like Facebook page GrandArtos Hotel Magelang. Mari rayakan awal tahun anda dengan orang – orang terkasih anda bersama Grand Artos Hotel and Convention Magelang.

  • Grand Artos Hotel & Convention Magelang Celebrates Eid al Adha 1437 H with Sacrifices

    Monday, 12 September 2016

    This year, September is the month in which the Muslim community will celebrate the Islamic holidays, the day of Eid al-Adha. Our entire management Grand Artos Hotel & Convention Magelang say Happy Eid al Adha 1437 H. May the Eid al-Adha moment could be interpreted properly. As a form of worship and social care to the community, Dewan Keluarga Mushola Grand Artos Hotel & Convention Magelang carry out the sacrifice that will be distributed to people around to feel for happiness together. Let's celebrate this moment with family to enjoy some of our grain in September. Our main menu comes from Pandan Coffeeshop serving special menu Eid al-Adha. Enjoy all you can eat buffet dinner Rp 99,999, -net / pax only valid at the date of 12 September 2016 at 18:00 to 22:00 pm. Other menu comes from a perfect dish Kemangi Cake Shop. Black Rose Cake, a perfect blend of milk cream, chocolate cream, crispy and crunchy walnut cracker is ready to pamper your tongue for only Rp 25,000, -net / slice and Rp 250,000, -net / whole cake. In addition, for chocolate lovers need to taste the drinks menu mainstay in September, namely Beverages My First Date. A special blend of palm fruit and chocolate is rich in benefits. Enough with the Rp 25,000, -net. Book Now. Experience the culinary sensation, Grand Artos Hotel & Convention Magelang. For further information and reservations, please call at +62 (293) 321 8888 or on the website  Aprilia A.K (Public Relation Officer) 0857 2982 9373 (0293) 321 8888

  • Central Java Governor, Ganjar Pranowo Cycling With Board of Management PT.Grand Artos Magelang

    Fryday, 26 August 2016

    (Magelang, 26/8) To celebrate the 66th anniversary of Central Java Province, Magelang chosen this year to host the "Pesta Rakyat". The event was held three consecutive days starting on August 26 to 28, 2016 which will be officially opened by the Governor of Central Java Ganjar Pranowo. The arrival of the governor is certainly welcomed by the Magelang public's enthusiasm.     Before the start of the grand event, met at 6 AM today at Grand Artos Hotel & Convention Magelang, governor, known for his pro citizens, has been ready with his bike. Mr. Ganjar Pranowo is accompanied by the government agencies along with the management of PT. Grand Artos rushed cycling around the city of Magelang.     With his sociability, Ganjar greet residents around Magelang. Citizen's smile could not be separated from the moment that morning. Not only that, on the sidelines of cycling which lasted about 2 hours, the governor is still time to visit an orphanage in one of these areas through which he passes.   Aprilia A.K (Public Relation Officer) 0857 2982 9373 (0293) 321 8888

  • GAHC Presents Special Promo in August

    Monday, 01 August 2016

    Entering the month of August, the special month for Indonesia which will celebrate Indonesian Independence Day on 17th August and also the special month for Grand Artos Hotel which will celebrate birthday on 15th August, Grand Artos Hotel presents food and beverage promo that you have to try, especially for you who are culinary lovers. Pandan Coffeeshop serves All you can eat buffet dinner menu with "Cita Rasa Nusantara" theme, only priced at Rp 71.000, - net / pax accordance with Indonesian 71st Independence. This promo is valid from 15th August to 17th August 2016, at 18:00 to 22:00 pm. Other menu from Kemangi Cakeshop that are very mouthwatering is Maple Syrup Walnut Cake, with walnut crispness sensation combined with maple syrup in chocolate cream softness. This cake can be enjoyed at price of Rp 25.000, -net / slice or Rp 250.000, -net / cake. Are you need the freshness to accompany sweetness of the chocolate? We also serve Blue Soda, beverage that give you freshness in one gulp. Only with the Rp 35.000, - . Beside the culinary menu, enjoy special stay package special for our loyal guests Rp 150.816, -net / night (room only) and only for Walk In Guest on 14 to 21 August 2016. The beautiful price referring to the anniversary of Grand Artos Hotel & Convention which coincides on the date 15-08-16. Hurry! Rooms are limited. Terms and Conditions apply. What are you waiting for! Come and enjoy our promo. For further information and reservations, please call at +62 (293) 321 8888 or on the website Follow also social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @grandartoshotel.   Aprilia A.K (Public Relation Officer) 0857 2982 9373 (0293) 321 8888

  • Grand Artos Got LEPRID Award

    Wednesday, 03 February 2016

    Magelang - Lembaga Prestasi Indonesia-Dunia (LEPRID) awarded Grand Artos Hotel & Convention (GAHC) Magelang, because it managed to create a masterpiece of art is spectacular, the largest flower leaf replica of stainless steel. A masterpiece produced by renowned artist Ivan Sagita Jogjakarta is named Leaf Flower December that supposedly worked for more than two years. The award is given directly by the Director LEPRID Paul Pangka SH to the President Director of PT Grand Artos Amelia Wahyadiyatmika at a local hotel on Wednesday (3/2). Also witnessing Harimurti GAHC General Manager and Robby Afian Artos Mall General Manager and other invited guests. Paul Pangka said, GAHC Magelang has succeed give new inspiration to be able to grow and develop with wisdoms that still care about the environment. The idea of ​​creating a unique form of giant leaf of stainless steel is a very creative idea. And he said this work was made to address previous claims that GAHC is nuanced leaves and has received an award from MURI some time ago. "I hope this giant leaf will add charm and uniqueness of this hotel," he said. Leaves Flowers December dimension length or height of 4.70 meters and a width of 1.10 meters. According to him, this replica is the largest and never seen before after having walked around and stay at various hotels throughout Indonesia. Therefore, it is very feasible GAHC once awarded. "I am sure with their unique giant leaf this, the more people will come. Especially now trending people love Selfi, where the leaves can serve as object. The average person comes want to have a keepsake, but if it comes just stay the course then no impression and will be the same as the hotel in general, "he said. Its achievements have given Paul also asked that the other hotels helped create creativity. Moreover, competition is pretty tight time line grow new hotels with a variety of concepts. President Director of PT Grand Artos Amelia Wahyadiyatmika explained, an award given LEPRID is an honor and privilege for it. Moreover LEPRID itself is an institution that had already played an active role accurate record of achievement to the nation's children in a professional, accountable and transparent and dignified. Chosen leaves, further Amelia, because the leaf is a symbol of prosperity, fertility and growth. In Chinese tradition, the leaves are considered as a symbol of the beginning of the universe. Green leaf symbolizes hope, renewal and life, while the autumn leaves or dies is a symbol of the death and the end of life process. Both are part of life in which humans can be born, grow, develop, aging, until his death. "As the theme of this work, namely Growth and Development. We hope the journey of our company will grow and evolve to a more advanced, so that it can provide a positive impact for Magelang especially and the region in general, "he explained. He hoped that this work can provide a source of inspiration for the human in Indonesia and the world in the work. And hopefully this award will also inspire people to always preserve the environment and harmony with each other. "Let us keep the earth where we stand. Remember pollution and global warming are already deeply into the issue of the world. We are obliged to preserve nature and the environment for the sake of harmony, perhaps the most simple and easy to do is to dispose of waste in place, "added Amelia. (Imr) Source:      

  • Blood Donation Exceeds Target

    Wednesday, 16 March 2016

    Magelang - Grand Artos Hotel & Convention (GAHC) Magelang held a blood donation action. Titled Give the Gift of Live, blood donation was held on Wednesday (16/3), at Pakis Meeting Room, 1st Floor hotel. Social action  that also became the agenda every three months, was in cooperation with Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI) Magelang. General Manager GAHC Magelang, Harimurti, said, blood donation is a social activity of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), which is conducted every three months. Blood donation is done as a form of concern for others. "The goal is to help PMI collects blood bags that will be distributed to the parties that need through Unit Transfusi Darah (UTD) Magelang city," said Harimurti. Under the action of blood donation this time, GAHC involving donors came from participants in the invited, they were, government agencies, members of the TNI / police, schools, corporate banking, as well as companies under the New Armada Group. In addition, also included management and employees Artos Mall as well as employees of the hotel itself, and also the general public and visitors of the mall.  "Lately a lot of blood stock vacancy occurs in PMI. Many outstanding broadcast message on patients who need a particular blood type. We hope this activity can be a real action to help others and useful for people, "said Harimurti. In blood donation this time, gained as much as 117 blood bags were directly donated. According Marcomm Manager GAHC, Diah Pangesti, this acquisition outside estimates, but also very encouraging at the same time. "The result was able to exceed the target of 100 blood bags. So this is also at the same time is very encouraging, "she said. After donating blood, donors can immediately enjoy a healthy dish to recover stamina such as fresh milk, boiled eggs, pastry and other healthy snacks. While donors are still waiting for their turn, also did not escape in the form of musical entertainment as well as to participate contributed the song. (Imr) Source: