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Mie Rawon

Grand Artos Hotel & Convention offers the latest special menu in November 2018, Mie Rawon. Mie Rawon is a dish of black soup with chicken as a distinctive mixture of spices that uses keluwak. Have you ever tasted Mie Rawon? Grand Artos Hotel & Convention presents a special menu, Mie Rawon. What is different from Mie Rawon is usually the taste of the savory rawon sauce which is combined with noodles and chicken meat complete with salted eggs and crackers which of course will be appetizing. Suitable to be eaten in rainy weather like lately, as an antidote to the cold. The typical dark color of rawon comes from keluwak.
Mie Rawon can be enjoyed at Pandan Coffee Shop – 1st Floor.

Price : IDR 48,000, -nett / portion