Punthuk Setumbu

Punthuk Setumbu is the name of a hill located in Magelang District, which is a most popular tourist attraction to see the sunrise with views of Borobudur Temple which is shrouded in mist. What’s Interesting in Punthuk Setumbu? Tourism Object Punthuk Setumbu Magelang is located about 4 kilometers west of Borobudur Temple, making Punthuk Setumbu the best spot to see the sunrise around Borobudur Temple. sunrise between merbabu and merapi volcanoes. The location of Borobudur and Punthuk Setumbu temple is located in Magelang, it is because most tour packages here come from Magelang. One of them is the tour package from Hotel Grand Artos Hotel which is very famous especially among tourists abroad, but actually the second location of this tour is still included into Magelang regency, Central Java lho. Apart from the misunderstanding, in fact Bukit Punthuk Setumbu which has a height of approximately 400 mdpl this does have a very fascinating view of anyone who visited.

Borobudur Temple

Borobudur, the Biggest Buddhist Temple in the Ninth Century was built by King Samaratungga, one of the kings of Old Mataram Kingdom, the descendant of Sailendra dynasty. Based on Kayumwungan inscription, an Indonesian named Hudaya Kandahjaya revealed that Borobudur was a place for praying that was completed to be built on 26 May 824, almost one hundred years from the time the construction was begun. The name of Borobudur, as some people say, means a mountain having terraces (budhara), while other says that Borobudur means monastery on the high place.

Borobudur is constructed as a ten-terraces building. The height before being renovated was 42 meters and 34.5 meters after the renovation because the lowest level was used as supporting base. The first six terraces are in square form, two upper terraces are in circular form, and on top of them is the terrace where Buddha statue is located facing westward. Each terrace symbolizes the stage of human life. In line with of Buddha Mahayana, anyone who intends to reach the level of Buddha’s must go through each of those life stages. The base of Borobudur, called Kamadhatu, symbolizes human being that are still bound by lust. The upper four stories are called Rupadhatu symbolizing human beings that have set themselves free from lust but are still bound to appearance and shape. On this terrace, Buddha effigies are placed in open space; while the other upper three terraces where Buddha effigies are confined in domes with wholes are called Arupadhatu, symbolizing human beings that have been free from lust, appearance and shape. The top part that is called Arupa symbolizes nirvana, where Buddha is residing

Each terrace has beautiful relief panels showing how skillful the sculptors were. In order to understand the sequence of the stories on the relief panels, you have to walk clockwise from the entrance of the temple. The relief panels tell the legendary story of Ramayana. Besides, there are relief panels describing the condition of the society by that time; for example, relief of farmers’ activity reflecting the advance of agriculture system and relief of sailing boat representing the advance of navigation in Bergotta (Semarang).

All relief panels in Borobudur temple reflect Buddha’s teachings. For the reason, this temple functions as educating medium for those who want to learn Buddhism.

Kyai Langgeng Local Park

Kiai Langgeng Park is a tourist attraction park located in Magelang, Central Java, was inaugurated on 15 September 1987 by the governor of Central Java, H. Ismail. Previously, this park is a critical area of ​​cemetery, rice fields, and gardens that are less productive. But in 1981, converted into a flower garden with an area reaching 27.5 hectare

Armada Town Square

Magelang, is right on the island of Java, and badaada is in the crossroads of transportation and economic road between Semarang-Magelang-Yogyakarta and Purworejo, beside being at the junction of local and regional tourism route between Yogyakarta-Borobudur-Kopeng and plateau, strategic location of Magelang city also supported by the establishment of Magelang as Purwomanggung Regional Center (Purwomanggung Purworejo), Purworejo Regency, Wonosobo Regency, Temanggung Regency, Magelang City and Magelang Regency) in the National Spatial Plan and Spatial Plan of Central Java Province. Responding to this, present the largest first & modern shopping area in Magelang, the Armada Town Square (Artos Mall).

Its location is very strategic in the heart of Magelang, became a special attraction for the people of Magelang and surrounding areas. Artos Mall is part of PT. Bloom Armada Jaya (New Armada) which is one of the business units of New Armada Group. Built on an area of ​​3.2 hectares and has 4 floors consisting of Lower Ground (LG), Ground Floor (GF), Upper Ground (UG) and 1 Floor. Because Artos Mall is the only largest mall in Magelang, Artos Mall has the attraction for the people of Magelang and surrounding areas.

Platinum Cineplex

Platinum Cineplex is a cinema network from Indonesia that is part of Tripar Multivision Plus entertainment company . Owned by Raam Punjabi , this cinema network includes four countries in Southeast Asia , namely Indonesia, Timor Leste , Cambodia , and Vietnam . In Indonesia, Platinum Cineplex is spread in eight areas, namely Lahat , Baturaja , Cibinong , Sidoarjo , Surakarta , Magelang (Artos Mall), Palopo , and Bitung .